Seeing Stars

The dust has gone, but clouds have taken its place, and there’s little hope of astronomy tonight. But earthly stars thrive in the rain.

Earthstar 19 Oct 2017

This bizarre fungus is an earthstar, which superficially resembles a puffball. Raindrops knock spores from its mouth.

Waxcaps are also thriving in autumnal drizzle. Parrot waxcaps are green with varying flourishes of orange. Like many waxcaps, they are indicator species which signal relatively undamaged ancient grassland.

Parrot waxcap 19 Oct 2017

I have hardly seen the sun today, but when it rose on Tuesday morning, there was still a Saharan edge about it.

Red sun 17 Oct 2017

Sunrise from the train 17 Oct 2017

4 thoughts on “Seeing Stars

  1. Adele, what a weird S’room! The first one that is! Looks like an alien! We have a bunch of Waxcaps growing in the backyard. Something always draws me to them. Must be the Pixies and Goblins that left them in their wake!

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    1. So far that fungus has been compared to a Minion, a broken eyeball and a flower!

      Waxcaps are always good to see. Perhaps you could leave a trail camera out to get a glimpse of the goblins 😉


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