Singapore’s Wildside

March 2017

Singapore’s water is everywhere, even in the air – it batters you with humidity. Water is never far away as a walking companion either; Singapore is, after all, a small island with a large river. Walk by the coast, and you never know who you’ll meet.

Paradise tree snake1 SG 31 March 2017

Paradise tree snakes are famous for flying – they can glide 300 feet between trees – but this one was weaving its way along footpath railings. They are mildly venomous but do not really pose a risk.

You may look upwards to detect snakes, but the crash in the undergrowth signals something much bigger…

Malayan water monitor adult1 SG Mar 2017

Malayan water monitors are dragons of the sea: they can reach ten feet in length.

Oriental pied hornbills are giants of the feathered kind.

Oriental pied hornbill sg Mar 2017

Their massive bills are surprisingly dextrous in handling fruit.

Pied Hornbill2

They share the trees with smaller birds such as bulbuls.

Yellow vented bulbul SG Mar 2017

And tropical squirrels.

Squirrel SG Mar 2017

It’s so easy to forget that the city is just minutes away.


8 thoughts on “Singapore’s Wildside

      1. Amazing! What photography — and what a snake. It certainly hit the tree trunk with a thump. I wonder if they injure themselves with some of their “dives”?

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      2. Hopefully they manage to judge how to make a safe landing. I also wonder if they miss their tree sometimes – the one I saw was climbing up some wooden railings beside a footpath in the forest, which is probably not where it wanted to be. Still, an astonishing creature.


    1. The lizard was quite a surprise. I’d seen plenty of the juvenile ones up in the forest, and while walking by the sea – crash – this enormous reptile overturned the undergrowth and made its way down to the water. It was at about five feet long and they can get a lot bigger than that! They’re not aggressive though.


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