The wild species commonly known as ‘fox’ has been represented this afternoon by One-Eye, who never needs a second excuse to recline on the patio.

One Eye2 14 Jul 2018

One Eye1 14 Jul 2018

Or peer into the house, for that matter. Foxes are profoundly curious creatures.

One Eye being nosy 14 Jul 2018

I should stress that he is not ‘tame’. I strongly believe that foxes should never be allowed to enter houses – one householder might enjoy it, but the fox is likely to repeat that behaviour with a neighbour. Indoor foxes cause bad press at best, and serious human-wildlife conflict at worst. One-Eye sits by the glass because he is highly intelligent and understands that humans and dogs cannot reach him even when they are inches away. If the door is opened, he backs off at once.

Anyway, we do have a second species of wild fox here, somewhat. It is orange and very furry, and in its own way, just as adaptable as its namesake.

Fox and cubs flower 14 Jul 2018

Fox-and-cubs is a member of the daisy family. It is not native to Britain but has lived wild here since at least the 17th century. It is quite tenacious and often grows on roadsides. This is the first one that I’ve found in my parish, and I will have to go back next year and photograph it before it goes to seed.

It will be interesting to see how the social dynamics of the other species of fox have changed by then.

One Eye3 14 Jul 2018

8 thoughts on “Fox-and-Cubs

    1. Thank you Pete 🙂 It is always concerning to see an injured animal, but One-Eye seems to have adapted very well, and spends much of his time sleeping peacefully on the lawn. It is amazing to see a fox relaxing by the patio doors with only the glass separating him from the German shepherd dozing within. Sometimes they are literally within inches of each other, yet both are calm.

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      1. I know this must be such an exciting and wonderful experience being so close to the fox. I had the same with a badger that used to visit me which came real close to the patio early evening and at night. Over time it got used to me being there, and it was but a couple of feet from the open patio door. It was pure magic!

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  1. I don’t think that One-Eye cares too much that he has just one eye. Animals adapt to circumstances and go on with it. Amazing how (seemingly) little attention they pay to missing a limb or, in this case, an eye…

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    1. Yes, the drive to continue living is very strong. Fortunately, sight is not the key sense in a fox. Losing hearing would probably have a greater practical impact on his ability to hunt.


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