The Jeweller

She comes in the mornings when the clouds are faint and the sky is blushing pale blue. She weaves diamonds into dandelion seedheeds and writes on the grass with fungi.

Waxcap 22 Sept 2017Dewdrops 22 Sept 2017Leccinum scabrum GC 22 Sept 2017

Her voice is hard for human ears – conkers crashing from the horse chestnut trees. Her dress is bordered by a veil of vapour rising like noiseless smoke from every dewy grass stem.

I like to call her Autumn. She is the star of the wildland year. But we all know she does not linger for long.

2 thoughts on “The Jeweller

  1. Wonderful to hear ftom you, Adele … I have noticed the silence from you, and it turns out that “Foxes Crossing” no longer exists … Any road, I have checked the “Follow” button, and expect to hear from you more often.

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