I walk fast – my dog expects nothing else. We’ve covered many long miles of the North Downs together and seen remarkable secrets of the wild world. But sometimes, the surprise comes when you pause for breath.

What stilled me was this: a beautiful blackening waxcap. It’s not an uncommon find in this area in autumn but I’ve never seen one such a brilliant buttercup-yellow before.

Blackening Waxcap 25 Sept 2017

The grass has so many stories, but I was while reading them, something else was trying to read me.

Fox Gatekeeper2 25 Sept 2017

This is Sooty, the famous alpha vixen of a fox family whom I call the Gatekeepers. This is why.

Fox Gatekeeper 25 Sept 2017

She watched me from the west, and her mate watched me from the east.

Fox Gatekeeper3 25 Sept 2017


My dog and I were the story being considered between them. Just a small note as the evening gathers pace.

6 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. I notice that your language is more figurative in these posts, Adele … I had no idea that you were hiding this light under a bushel, but I’m glad to see it now … I’ve long believed that a touch more poetic language is what truly brings the description “to life”, as it were.

    A question: I thought you were in the South Downs, not the North Downs … in the Hastings area … ?

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    1. Well, I am very much a creative writer in offline life – I suppose sometimes that slips away from blogs and social media posts, but hopefully will do so no more.

      You have a good memory! I am from the North Downs, but had moved temporarily to the Hastings area when I was last seen in the blogosphere. I’m home in old village now.


  2. Oh … as to my health: I am actually very healthy … no complaints at all. The problem that keeps me tethered to my home loo is a colostomy bag, attached (via some sort of stickum to my belly, for my large intestine to empty into. It is something of a trial, since it needs emptying every now and again, and not very predictably, either. Plus, it needs replacement every few days, which is a difficulty that requires me to be at home.

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