I’ve moved my India, Scotland and Yellowstone travelogues to this blog’s new Travels Abroad page. Hopefully Waterton Lakes (Canada) and Turkey will be on there soon too.

I am planning to write up my post-Opera journeys to Borneo, Poland and Romania (and perhaps Mexico) but will save reliving those adventures for dark and rainy November days.


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  1. Adele, I’ll be looking forward to it too! Waterton had a huge fire this summer. The gallant efforts of Firefighters from across Canada saved the historic lodge. I haven’t heard anything on how the rest of the Park fared. B.C. had a 500 million dollar year fighting fires. It was a horrific fire season.

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    1. Yes, I was watching Waterton’s struggles in the fire – Parks kept their Facebook newsfeed updated. The speed of the fire spreading through the park was almost unbelievable, and so was the courage of the firefighters in saving the village. Looking at the photos of the rest, it’s incredible that they succeeded.

      I heard that about 70% of the park’s forests were impacted. Sadly some animals were killed, which is unusual in a wildfire but the speed of its spread made escaping hard. However, many others survived, and staff have seen cougars, bears, deer etc while travelling around. Many of the elk survived by temporarily moving north of the park. (The bison were safely relocated to Grasslands NP before the fire arrived.) The most recent update I’ve heard was from a Alta photographer who’s visited – he said that the prairies are already greening up. Obviously, the forest will regrow in time, and many species will benefit in the long run. Still, it was a major event and I was sad to hear about how some of the local people were affected – plus the park visitor centre burned down.

      $500 million – wow. Let’s hope that next summer is kinder.


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