The Painter

It’s all Russia’s fault, apparently. They say a giant painter was sploshing whitewash over Siberia and stopped to shake out his brush over Britain – or something like that.

Spring rolled into the calendar to be greeted with -10C (14F) and snow so powdery that it danced in the wind like leaves.

Snowscape2 3 Mar 2018

We have snow every winter in the North Downs, but this ‘beast from the east’ has been unusually greedy in swallowing the entire country just when the birds and flowers were coming alive. For the foxes, it is business as usual: dig up buried supplies and seek small rodents under the snow.

Fox 28 Feb 2018

They hardly seem to notice the fierce windchill.

Dun Male2 27 Feb 2018

Roe deer are still in their dark winter coats, and blend into the leafless branches.

Roe deer 28 Feb 2018

Snow is a beautiful challenge. It starts by painting the paths, and ends in waterfalls dripping through the trees.

Path 27 Feb 2018

But the grass is returning. Spring is ready to restart.

7 thoughts on “The Painter

    1. It is beautiful, although it can seem endless. I’ve never spent a whole year in Canada, although I’ve been caught in wintry weather any time from October to March out west. In the UK, it rains heavily from November to Christmas and although we get regular snow, it rarely settles for more than week. The days are very short in December though because we’re on the same latitude as Labrador.

      I hope you have a beautiful spring! 🙂

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  1. We had a cold snap about a week or so, with unexpected 20cm of snow in Vancouver. Nothing close to what happened in Europe, though. Few days ago all of it melted, under the rain and above the zero temperatures – snow never stays too long over here this late in winter. Yesterday, while walking in a park, we’ve seen crocuses, and Japanese cherries seem to change a little bit.
    That fox looks almost playful in a snow. I don’t know how an average, modern-times human would survive out in that kind of cold. We are so weak, accustomed to comforts of our houses and a way of life. Animals are the masters of survival.

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    1. Yes, the conditions got quite serious in Scotland and (unusually) the southwest of England, but it’s looking more normal now. 20cm is quite a lot if it’s not expected. You must be glad to see crocuses! Very little in flower here yet except the odd daffodil.

      I agree. Winter survival without modern conveniences is a full-time job, and it’s hard to imagine the changes that it would mean to our lives. Maybe we’ll find out, if we carry on using oil like it’s limitless.

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  2. Adele, very nice! Old Man Winter taking one last kick at the can! I think, or should say, hope that we are finally past our Arctic Outflow! It was very cold for us for a few weeks. Still dipping slightly below 0 the odd night, but I think Mr. Cold is retreating. Even my family in Manitoba report above 0 temps. They were dipping to -40 and much colder with windchill not all that long ago! I think the earth is heaving a sigh of relief! I hope so anyway!!

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