The world is alive, and it is very beautiful.

Bluebell – Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Bluebell 20 Apr 2018

Cuckooflower – Cardamine pratensis

Cuckooflower 20 Apr 2018

Wood-sorrel – Oxalis acetosella

Wood-sorrel 20 Apr 2018

Toothwort – Lathraea squamaria

Toothwort 20 Apr 2018

Wild cherry – Prunus avium

Cherry tree 20 Apr 2018

Hedgerow blossoming

Hedgerow blossom 20 Apr 2018

4 thoughts on “Spring-shine

    1. Thank you Belinda 🙂 Our plants still behind schedule – our winter took its time in leaving us – but they’re catching up fast. My area is good for wild orchids and I am looking forward to searching for them when summer finally comes.


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