After the Rain

I can still see it: rain peppering an inscrutable sea. Clouds rolling through the pines on grey mountains, the light milky, if it came at all.

Winter sun rising

Eleven years ago, I moved to a very remote and troubled town in Canada’s broken wilderness and tried to make sense of the fragile truce between human fear and those wild creatures trying to live alongside us. I have more words about that, but for another time, perhaps.

Through all the travel, drama and rain, a small German shepherd was beside me: the most irrepressible, opinionated and original creature in the forest. Chiara made me laugh, often, nearly drove me out of my mind a few times too, and was a reassuring presence on dark days. After we returned to England, my mother adopted her, and that bond forged in wild forests resurfaced in the gentler landscapes of the Surrey Hills.


Chiara left us this week. I will miss her zeal, her humour and her friendship. She was, simply, unique. The memories are powerful. And now I will cherish rain, for it reminds me of her.

I sketched this when I realised that she was dying. It is how I want to remember her.


It has been raining here, too, off and on.

Rainy bluebell 13 May 2018

Roe deer 13 May 2018

Time rolls on. Summer is almost here.

12 thoughts on “After the Rain

    1. Thank you Belinda. It was quite sudden which obviously increased the shock, but it was good that she was healthy and lively for the majority of her 12 years. She is greatly missed, and always will be.

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      1. I remember losing my own dog many years ago. I had him from when I was a boy still at school, and we had so many great times together, and he lived to a good age. I have very fond memories of those times. Understanding your grief, and wishing you all the best.


  1. Adele, Cheers to Chiara. She was a member of the family or she made you a member of her pack! I really like your sketch! I find I can closely relate to it! Thank you!

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  2. Adele I am so sorry for your loss. The painting is lovely the post too. A beautiful post all togheter. So very nice. Our specila friends do look out for us …….

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