A Tale of Two Eagles

Haring ibón.

King of birds.

Philippine eagle1 6 June 2018

I rarely photograph captive animals, but made an exception at this moment.

This majestic Philippine eagle is part of the conservation programme run by the Philippine Eagle Foundation in Davao City, southern Philippines. According to the order of wild things, the Philippine eagle is the undisputed apex predator of the sweltering tropical forests of this complex archipelago. Unfortunately, like top predators everywhere, they have not fared well in human company and their status in the wild is now extremely precarious.

The foundation where this eagle lives is the species’ lifeline. Hopefully, one day it will be easier to see them in the wild again.


‘Wild’ still exists elsewhere, of course. My recent travels slipped briefly into northern Australia, a land of fire and termites which I will relate in later posts.

And over those flickering forests soars another of the world’s great raptors – the wedge-tailed eagle. I spotted this one perched on the carcass of a roadkilled-wallaby, and it flew calmly into the tree.

Raptor NT Jun 2018

It is related to the golden eagle of the northern hemisphere, and has been heavily persecuted by Australian farmers in the past, although the Northern Territory protects them.

Two eagles but one sky. It would take a lifetime – many lifetimes – to learn all the living things in the forests of south-east Asia and Australasia. This journey only caught a snapshot, but I will relate its highlights over the next few days.

10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Eagles

  1. I have that that special feeling for eagles for a while now – for most of the raptors as well but eagles has a special place. The first one, from Philippines, is one beautiful bird. Too bad they are on the path to extinction 😦

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    1. Yes, there is something very special about an eagle’s power and grace.

      I think that if it wasn’t for the centre in Davao, the Philippine eagle would have no hope. But there is an ambitious conservation project going on there, and I guess we will just have to see what the future brings. It is a truly spectacular creature and a rare example of a bird that is the top carnivore in its ecosystem.


  2. Adele, wonderful Eagle images! That first one is very impressive with its large eyes and bill! Very formidable. I still get a thrill whenever I see an eagle! There’s lots of them around here and they are such a treat to see!

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    1. One of my favourite moments during my travels on the BC coast was visiting Arron Rapids – a whole sky full of bald eagles circling over the fish in the bubbling water! They’re such spectacular birds.


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