Butterflies are called flying flowers, but what alien garden of the night could grow a plant as beautiful as a moth?

Elephant hawk moth

Elephant hawk moth Dorset 100718

Pine hawk moth

Pine hawk moth Dorset 10 Jul 2018


Emerald Dorset 10 Jul 2018

Rosy footman

Rosy footman Dorset 100718


8 thoughts on “Nightlights

    1. Thanks Robin. Moths are easily overlooked but they’re amongst the most colourful animals of all. I was at a training event in Dorset yesterday and although the topic was heathland ecology, we got to identify some moths too. I’ll never remember all the names though!


    1. Thanks Pete. This was a real treat. I was on a training day in Dorset heathland for work – moths weren’t the main focus, but the trainer had set out a light trap the previous evening. There were quite a few elephant hawk moths in there, and many other species whose names I cannot recall! I will have to get myself a moth book and a light trap. This could become quite an obsession!

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      1. Trapping can be quite an experience. I haven’t trapped as often as I have wanted to this year due to time factors, but it is something I do enjoy doing, and it can be quite a nice challenge trying to identify species discovered. Its amazing what is out there in the dark of night when we are sound and asleep in our beds.

        I added a page on my Back Garden Moth blog on trapping if you want to have a look-see:

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