Canada: Turns in the Path

September 2018

It just goes on, forever.

trees2 rmnp sept 18

Crossed by wary wild things.

white tailed deer1 rmnp sept 18

And some smaller but bolder. This bundle of frenetic energy is a mink, a small, water-loving member of the weasel family.

mink rmnp sept 18

It is so intent on its quest that it almost ignores me.

Spruce grouse keep watch on their own stretch of highway.

ruffed grouse rmnp sept 18

If there are any bats in the batbox, they are certainly asleep.

Bat box RMNP Sept 18.jpg

And the road – it just continues, rolling out of the park gate and into the rural provinces beyond.

gate rmnp sept 18

You can never really know a path like this. As soon as you reach one end, the beginning has reinvented itself with the seasons and you have to start all over again.

Constant travelling. Constant learning. Life on the Canadian roads.

9 thoughts on “Canada: Turns in the Path

    1. Yes, straighter than the crow flies, I suspect! Very different to rural roads in the UK, which are narrow and full of corners. The old Roman roads were famously straight but my local stretch of one seems to have acquired some bends over the centuries!

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  1. This is exactly what amazes me about Canada: roads that go, seemingly, forever. I like to say that Canada gave me a space to breathe: you can drive for thousand kilometers without leaving a province, not to mention a country. While I lived in Europe, every 200 km or so I needed to show a passport; and for someone who lived in Serbia that often meant that I needed a visa to cross the border. A nuisance…

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    1. That is true east to west, and also to the north. Such a vast country.

      I once travelled from Quebec City to Jasper by Greyhound…four days, three breakdowns and one police visit after two passengers got in a fight! But the sheer expanse of distance was unforgettable.


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