Blue Carpet

You see it, smell it, hear it as it rustles in the spring breeze.

Bluebells woods 2019a

They’re so emphatic that they have an entire habitat named after them – bluebell woods – as if the year is defined by their show.

Bluebells woods 2019c

Woodland glades are theirs, but some surprise old meadows with their company.

Bluebells woods 2019d

And then they’re gone, and the flowers of early summer take their turn.

Red campion

Red campion 4 May 2019


Buttercup 4 May 2019


Bugle 4 May 2019

2 thoughts on “Blue Carpet

  1. Adele, lovely images! We are quite abloom with Bluebells in our back yard! They tend to take over!! But I love to see them! I’d love to see a huge expanse like yours!

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    1. Hi Robin, they are very dominant in the woods here but only for a few weeks a year. There is another species that people sometimes have in their gardens called the Spanish bluebell. Not sure which one has been brought to Canada!


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