Life as Art

A mountain hare’s footprints patterned it.

Mountain hare footprints CH Jun 19

Flowers weave a carpet over it.

Wild pansy


Wild pansy3 Jun 19

St Bruno’s lily

St Bruno's lily CH Jun 19

Poet’s narcissus

Poet's narcissus CH Jun 19

The Findelbach washes it – watercolour most literal.

Findelbach Jun 19

And the mountain stirs storms above it.

Matterhorn in thunderstorm Jun 19

Hard to believe, all this in three nights. I didn’t even know that I was going to Switzerland until less than 24 hours before I boarded the flight. But life does that sometimes.

This land is art. And it has made an impression on me.

That is what great art is supposed to do.

Taschhorn meadows

15 thoughts on “Life as Art

    1. Thanks Darko. The Findelbach Falls were pretty dizzying, not just in their volume and height but the fact that there’s a bridge over their gorge carrying the Gornergrat cog railway! But, Swiss engineers seem to know what they’re doing, no matter how challenging the land is.


    1. Yes – and thinking about it, so often the word ‘impressive’ is used for things that do not make a lasting impression. It is safe to say that the Mattertal has, not only on me but on generations of visitors there πŸ™‚

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