Not the human type.

Foxes teenagers 25 Jun 20

Approaching the four month mark, these fox cubs are lanky, lean and confident. Having spotted one learn about woodpigeons yesterday, I ventured out very early again this morning with my big 600mm lens. They took some finding, and before them I stumbled across rabbits, nibbling in meadows in the pre-dawn light.

Rabbit 25 Jun 20

Britain has only one native member of the rabbit family: the shy and beautiful mountain hare, an upland species these days. Brown hares and European rabbits were both introduced by the Romans. Last year, a rabbit bone was found in Fishbourne Palace, built in 75AD. In the two millennia since, rabbits have become a naturalised part of our landscapes.

In their native Spain as much as in England, rabbits need to be alert to foxes. But the cubs were more interested in me.

Foxes teenagers4 25 Jun 20

I had a press interview for my book yesterday, and was asked what foxes do when they see me. I said: they sit down. Like this.

Foxes teenagers5 25 Jun 20

Sitting is such a big part of a fox’s character that I named my first blog after it. But of course, they are alert and watching, whatever their posture. And waiting to see what the day will bring.

Foxes teenagers3 25 Jun 20

16 thoughts on “Teenagers

    1. Dogs have very firm opinions on territorial etiquette! Are your kits about the same size? Ours are usually born in March, so these ones are about four months old now. I’ve seen youngsters in Saskatchewan in June which looked about five weeks! But knowing Sask weather, I’m not surprised 😉


  1. They look curious 🙂
    We had a pair of teenage crows – but early age, expected to start flying any day now – near parking lot at the company where I work. All gangly and confused. They jumped out of the nest and don’t know what to do now. And parents are freaking out at anyone who comes too close.

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    1. Corvids are amusing at that age. I’ve seen the odd magpie around here that’s hopping about with the classic short tail of juvenile birds. I bet the parents are indeed freaking out – given how readily North American crows mob anything even without youngsters to think about!


      1. Thunderstorms aside, the early mornings are best to see some special sights. I often think how lucky I am if I see something cool in the early morning and I think, what a shame that so many people sleep through it.

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  2. The foxes are such engaging creatures. And the rabbit too. I did not know that about rabbits and hares being introduced by the Romans – along with the crocus etc! I imagine that species that were introduced and naturalised so long ago are considered to be part of the furniture so to speak?


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