Turning Seasons

Strange thing, September. For the last two years, autumn has appeared to start precisely on the 1st. The air cools, the mornings are sweeter, and the last swallows hunt over dewy fields. And woodlands acquire that watercolour glow.

Autumn comes

Water – rainwater – is what fungi need, but last year’s switch from dryness to extreme undying rain produced few. I hope we have more of a show this year, and the boletes have already fruited, carpeting the road verge with otherworldly glory.

Bolete 5 Sept 20

And the foxes – hints of their winter coats are starting to frost the russet.

Fox stepping WF 31 Aug 20

24 thoughts on “Turning Seasons

    1. I’ve had a few foxes in temporary care while they were recovering from sickness, but none as pets 🙂 I have seen this one before but he’s not come close to me on previous sightings – he was distracted and very nearly bumped right into me and my large dog! He lives on a local farm.

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    2. Ah, I see. Yeah, he’s not one of the garden gang. At least not yet. During the breeding season (Nov – Jan), big males wander anywhere they like, so he may turn up on the lawn later in the year – he’s not that far away as the crow flies.

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    1. Thanks Angela – hope you’re well. I talked about the fox’s skinniness in the post, but in brief it’s quite normal for Balkan foxes to look like that; it helps them cope with the extreme summer heat. Our foxes look much stockier because that helps them conserve warmth in our more northerly climate.


    1. Glad he’s back – maybe he was investigating something else for a while. My foxes have at least one eye on the blackberry crop at this time of year and go wandering in search of it.


    1. Thanks! I carried my big lens over hills for an hour and found nothing, and was beginning to give up when I spotted this fox sitting with a couple of magpies (…as they do) in a field. He certainly put on a good show, walking straight towards me.

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  1. What a lovely post to autumn. The woodland picture really does glow as you describe and you have captured the other-worldliness of that exceptionally gorgeous mushroom, and the fox walking towards you is priceless.
    Here in the south, I expect we will be seeing swallows before too long …

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    1. Yes, and they might tell tales of a long English summer! Strange to think that they’re so much freer in movement than we are now.

      Thanks – I love autumn and hopefully it’ll be a good one this year.

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      1. Very true – it is strange that we are so constrained and the birds, mercifully, still fly. The long migrations never cease to astound me.

        I hope you have a lovely autumn blessed with perfect conditions for fruiting fungi.


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