Inside the Sky

Yes, inside. You don’t feel like you’re under it in Norfolk; it is a part of the day, for it is everywhere. In the rivers:

Reflections2 8 Aug 21

In the lakes.

Reflections 8 Aug 21

Hosting some birds.

Buzzard and gull 8 Aug 21

Teasing the colours from others.

Rook portrait 8 Aug 21

The last photo is of a rook, a very sociable member of the crow family. As the evening progresses, they drift towards their rookeries.Β 

And then the sun falls below the horizon, and when dawn comes, sky is part of the land again.

13 thoughts on “Inside the Sky

    1. Cousins, but different πŸ™‚ The carrion crow Corvus corone is common in Britain. Rooks are a bit more fussy where they live, preferring agricultural areas. They can be distinguished by their bare faces and pale beaks.

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    1. πŸ™‚ much the easiest way to travel these days! I’ve never found a river that reflects the sky as much as the Yare. Very different character to the frantic upland streams.


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