Still summer. Still hot, daubing subtropical hues at dawn.

Sunrise 220811

The river banks are green, but that cannot be said of the wider countryside, which is tawny, flat and thirsty. Not unlike the rabbit’s native range in Spain and France, I suppose.

Rabbit 220811

They seem at peace with it, but other mammals are struggling. Moles and badgers need earthworms, which will now be far underground. Foxes, too, feast on them, but they will adapt to alternatives if any are available. It is unclear what the drought will do to the autumn fruiting season for blackberries, cherries and hazel, but this urban fox – photographed by my brother – appears to be dreaming of an upcoming feast.

Fox and blackberries July 22

There is still water: dewdrops at dawn.

Dewdrops 220811

And even a little frost, if you let your imagination run through the seedheads.

Thistle frost 220810

But mostly, it is dry, hazy and hot. Hopefully next week’s forecast of rain will come true.

Mullein 220810

18 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Lovely photos, Adele. Thank heaven the critters still have dew to lick. We are equally parched here, the ground even under trees is cracked dry. Unbelievable. I’ve never seen it so dry. And no significant rain in the foreseeable future. Fingers crossed rain comes soon.

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    1. Oh no, sorry to hear that. Of course there are many factors at work here but I would be interested to know if that volcanic eruption in Tonga earlier in the year has had any influence – according to NASA, it released a vast amount of water vapour into the stratosphere, equivalent to 10% of what was already there. Either way, let’s hope we both have rainy autumns.


  2. Exactly like in my country.It is very hot and drought as in Africa.
    ONE OF THE FIFTH BIGGEST RIVER has DROUGHT AND ONLY SAND WE can SEE INSTEAD THE WATER.Fish and other creatures living in the water or thanks water are almost dying.Changing of climate is visible everywhere.It is sad.

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  3. I was hoping hot weather in Europe would end soon but it seems this year is much different. We are in Haida Gwaii at the moment and even with some rain in recent days, locals say they normally don’t have so many nice and warm days as this year. Anyway, we had rain for last two days and I hope some of it will find its way to Europe…

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    1. Yes, sadly this has been a truly extreme summer in Europe and one that I don’t think will be forgotten in a hurry. Interesting to hear that Haida Gwaii is also drier than usual. Hope that you’re enjoying your trip.


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