The Moods of April

Showers, mostly, modelled by a stoic brown hare.

And flowers, most especially red dead-nettles. These usually shy blushes of early spring have exploded across Norfolk this year, to the extent that some fields look like a heather moorland in August. Whether it was last year’s drought or this spring’s rain, who knows.

But old plants are preferred by reed buntings.

And wrens sing amongst the buds that are new.

16 thoughts on “The Moods of April

  1. Nice photographs! As for wrens, I was always amazed how such a little bird can produce such a long call (mostly referring to Pacific Wrens). One would expect bigger lungs! 😀

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    1. It does seem extraordinary. There is a warbler here call the Cetti’s warbler which is even louder, despite also lacking the physique for protecting its voice so far.


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