12 – 16th December 2019, Andalucía, Spain

Doñana might host Europe’s rarest mammal, but it is most famous as a sanctuary for birds. And what birds! Swaying in the reeds, wading in the marshes, laughing in the trees.

Greater flamingo

Flamingos Donana Dec 19


Stonechat Donana Dec 19

Iberian magpie (formerly known as the azure-winged magpie)

Azure magpie Donana Dec 19

Iberian grey shrike

Iberian grey shrike Donana Dec 19

White storks

White storks Donana Dec 19

10 thoughts on “Skylights

    1. Thanks Belinda 🙂 Very interesting part of the world. Spain has Europe’s most unusual wild mammals too, including mongoose and a very odd little creature called a desman. Might try looking for those next year.

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  1. Quite an unusual looking magpie, never seen it before in southern Europe. Now, after I googled it, it seems that azure-winged magpie resides in eastern Asia and that one that you photographed might be Iberian magpie. They look similar but Wikipedia says they are different specie one from the other. Quite interesting bird, anyway.

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    1. Ah, I see there’s been genetic analysis separating them from the Asian population – that must be recent. The name ‘azure-winged magpie’ is still often used, confusingly. Anyway, they are a colourful and social resident of Iberia. They are harder to photograph than Eurasian magpies because they don’t like staying still! And they don’t seem to follow foxes…


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