Dawn in November

Not many words today; I’ll leave that to the owls, calling under the stars and into the dawn.

Just frost and fog and that cold rose of winter light.

November1 20

November2 20

November3 20

15 thoughts on “Dawn in November

    1. It’s strange to think that for most of human history, the only people we could have fast communications with would have been experiencing the same weather as us. Now, the internet lets different hemispheres in entirely different seasons keep in touch! 🙂

      November can be extremely rainy and dark here but it’s been really quite beautiful for the last few days.

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      1. And how quickly we have come to take such instant communication for granted!
        How nice for you to have such an enjoyable window in the weather. Here we are moving from intense heat in the high 30s to several days of heavy rain. The thunder is rolling as I write this …

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